Flight API Integration in UAE

Flight API Integration in UAE

The most effective way of setting up a travel agency business in UAE is with features on your travel portal. While hotel booking is a basic requirement for travelers these days, travel agencies score better when they support flight booking engines on their portals. With Trip Mega Mart, you can offer airline tickets to the popular travel destinations of UAE.

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How to Develop Travel Portal in UAE with flight API?

Flight API refers to web services that enable the access of flight deals from the suppliers. Integration of flight API to your travel portal with Trip Mega Mart will allow you to offer your customers different flight deals. Your customers will be able to avail discounts on round trips, group bookings, and multi city tours. There are several other advantages of using flight APIs.

Types of GDS Flight API

There are various types of GDS for flights. Some of the common variants of the providers are discussed here. You can integrate any of these to your travel portal with Trip Mega Mart.

  • Galileo - It is the most well-known name in the GDS business. It focuses on providing global distribution services to the travel agencies through its new-age internet-based solutions and computerized reservation systems.

  • Amadeus - With its headquarters in Spain, Amadeus serves as a computer reservation system and sells airline tickets for a large number of airline companies. It has British Airways, Qantas, Air France, and Icelandair as among its 300+ customers. It caters to the marketing, distribution, and sales needs of the travel companies. Apart from flight tickets, Amadeus also gives access to thousands of hotel reservations and car rentals.

  • Worldspan - It is a major provider of internet products, travel information, and e-commerce business solutions to travel agencies electronically throughout the world. The company makes fast delivery of the committed solutions through a mass partnership with travel technology companies.

  • Sabre - This GDS provider was founded in 1960 in Texas. It provides flight booking services worldwide. The web-based technologies of Sabre allow travel agencies to offer low-fare airline tickets to their customers. This helps in driving good customer service as well as the revenue of the travel business.

Why travel and tours companies are switching over to travel portals?

Many of these companies and travel start-up ideas in UAE are slowly beginning to realize the value of ready-made portals after hearing the successes of their peers and competitors. Many of these successes were fuelled by Trip Mega Mart travel technologies – the specialist firm in B2B White Label Travel Portal Development and B2C White Label Travel Portal Development.

The transition from unawareness to being knowledgeable was also because many travel agencies sought Trip Mega Mart’s B2B White Label Travel Portal Development services in UAE. By using these services, travel agencies that did not know how to develop a travel portal and how to setup a travel agency got the required qualitative knowledge. Not only were they informed in time, they incurred very nominal travel portal development cost and were able to start business operations with ready-made travel portals. This highlights the significant role of B2B White Label Travel Portal Development in empowering travel businesses.

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