Features of Travel Portal Development in UAE

Features of Travel Portal Development in UAE

If you are an entrepreneur who is looking to start your own international travel business in UAE then a white label travel portal may be the cheapest and the quickest option for you. White label travel portals are pre-built websites that can be customized to meet the needs of any business.

Travel Portal Development


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The top travel portal development company in UAE is Trip Mega Mart. They specialize in B2B or B2C white label travel portal development. The websites come with GDS API integration. This means that the websites are able to collect real time data from a number of flight and hotel suppliers. Customers can directly make all their bookings from the travel company website without having to spend time surfing individual airline web pages or hotel sites.

Features of an International Travel Portal

  1. Flight Bookings (Domestic and International): The online travel portal will be linked to the specific airline reservation procedure via an API that will collect data from the backend and show it graphically on the application's frontend. Trip Mega Mart helps create a Flight & Hotel Booking Engine for Travel Agents in UAE. After selecting a result, the user is sent to the payment gateway connected with that result.

  2. Hotel Bookings: Travel portals look for 'Hotels' within their inventory, and the API delivers the best pricing. The API links you to the payment gateway when you select a hotel.

  3. Car Booking: Like the 'Hotel Booking function,' this API searches the inventory for the best available options in the city supplied. Then you're taken to the payment gateway.

  4. Bus Booking: The API returns the best choices before redirecting the user to the payment gateway based on the customer's search in a specific city. Trip Mega Mart helps build Bus Ticket Booking Website & App Development in UAE.

  5. The Best Holiday Packages: Travel agencies construct customized local and international vacation packages using CMS. Consumers submit online form requests to a travel site.

  6. Foreign Exchange: Efficient travel portals offer an admin module that provides the most recent currency exchange rates to help consumers make the best purchase decisions. A payment gateway processes all kinds of payments.

  7. Payment Gateway Integration: Online payments are accepted by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and various online options. Trip Mega Mart websites also have a high-quality payment portal built into them. Payments are processed instantly without any risk of lost funds. The websites are also designed to allow for very easy third-party integration with other payment gateways if necessary.

  8. Integrate SMS Gateways: This API allows sending SMS to consumers upon booking confirmation or PNR generation.

To build a travel site, a layered admin panel is predefined. Travel portal agents can use the log-in option to fund their accounts, but only up to a limit. It allows them to get cheap plane tickets or hotel deals.

Trip Mega Mart provides responsive, user-friendly travel websites/portals that increase user engagement. So, if you are thinking of beginning a travel business or currently have one and want to grow, they will be able to assist you. Get in touch with Trip Mega Mart now!

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