Cost of Travel Portal Development in UAE

Cost of Travel Portal Development in UAE

The Tourism Vision initiative of the government of UAE aims to increase touristic traffic in excess of 20 million. It is a known fact that the UAE government promotes tourism in a big way. Given this impetus on tourism, setting up a travel agency business in UAE right away is a good idea. The best way to go about this is to set up a travel portal.


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In addition to an aesthetically engaging user interface, a search engine-friendly website is required. Choose a travel portal development company like Trip Mega Mart, your Travel technology Solution in UAE specializing in B2B/B2C travel web portal experience, UI/UX, and booking and hotel API management.

Trip Mega Mart is a major travel technology partner that provides innovative travel technology solutions. Their comprehensive software solutions enable travel organizations worldwide to streamline business processes and improve customer service.

Cost to develop a travel portal solution online in UAE

Cost to start online travel agency business in UAE with Trip Mega Mart solutions is outweighed by the benefits. The cost of each website depends on the amount of time and effort spent to develop its features and design. Any website that is created fresh from scratch will automatically be more time and labour intensive and cost more. But Trip Mega Mart white label portals are comparatively much cheaper and customization also available they are an ideal solution for low investment business plans.

These changes are accommodated so that the website can fit into the taste and preference of its group of target customers. But only generic white label websites with some flight booking or hotel booking or car booking engines are not enough to satisfy business owners. Trip Mega Mart employs a very highly skilled team of web designers to make websites that can live up to the expectations of clients.

Trip Mega Mart offers multiple website plans, each at a different price. There are individual travel agent portals as well that can be added on to travel business portals to make the business plan more effective. The basic customizations are covered in the initial plan, but more complicated customization requests may require some minor extra charges.

But Trip Mega Mart does charge customers an annual fee (25% of the website plan) that includes the API service continuity and other minimum website maintenance requirements.

You don’t need to worry about starting a travel portal from scratch with all its complexities, because Trip Mega Mart travel portals are readily available. That’s why travel start-ups ideas in UAE succeed because of solutions such as these.

The good news is that you can start travel agency business in UAE in as little as a week or in a few days. Trip Mega Mart already provides ready-made travel portals. All the necessary integrations have already been made. All you need to do is purchase one, take help of this company to set it up, and you can start doing business. Contact Trip Mega Mart today.

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